Meet Evernym's Notifier
The ultimate in group communications

Reach everyone in your group, no app required.

Each person gets your messages how they prefer: Email, SMS/Text, or Notifier (our powerful app).

Know they know.

Know who got your message, and who didn't, in real-time.

Who Got It

Automatic escalation.

When some don't respond, Notifier can automatically re-send your message, try different methods, and even try other people, until everyone is notified.


No more gathering email addresses and phone numbers.

Your group can manage their own info, and keep it completely private.

No more email addresses and phone numbers

Notifier at a Glance

  • Urgent

    Notifier is the fastest way to reach everyone in your group.

  • Private

    Users can control their own information, and keep it private.

  • Free

    Notifier costs you and your group exactly zip, zero, zilch, nada.

  • Cross-platform

    Easily message between our app, email, and SMS/text.

  • No advertising

    Your privacy is NOT for sale.

  • Send it once

    Send your message only once, let Notifier take it from there.